How We Do It

We have developed the smartest, most intuitive and convenient tenant and trades app on the market. Using over 20+ years of experience in the rental repair and maintenance sector.

We tackle the core issues rather than trying to deal with symptoms of a traditional non-digital approach.

Our digital dashboard empowers landlords and property managers to deliver an exceptional customer experience. Finding detailed service history is easy and being able to track jobs in real-time provides greater insights driving efficiencies and improving resident satisfaction.

We go beyond just a number and street name. Our Property Intelligence is sourced from a wide range of independent data providers, to streamline operations as well as reduce costs through understanding the complete picture and physicality of a property and its history. 

This approach enables EVO to communicate with and service users more effectively, improving their experience throughout the customer journey.

Discover the benefits of using EVO today

Our experts are happy to provide a free demonstration of the apps and dashboard to highlight the benefits it could bring to you and your tenants.