Build to Rent

Where tenant satisfaction is key, EVO provides the only end-to-end tenant centric repairs and maintenance service currently available.

We believe it is all about the experience.

One of Build to Rent’s fundamental philosophies is streamlining activities to be tenant oriented.

The focus on long-term, high-quality service that tenants receive, is the core principle & philosophy of BTR. It is a key differentiator and highly valued. Tenant satisfaction is the number one metric for any successful Build to Rent strategy and EVO ensures that tenants are put front and centre.


Significantly increase tenant satisfaction whilst reducing cost to serve

For BtR to fulfil its promise of value, it must provide its tenants with fast and efficient maintenance services. Using smart, modern technology to manage repairs is no longer seen as a ‘nice to have’, rather an essential part of the living experience, and one that drives engagement and overall satisfaction.

The Evo Living App is more than just a repair reporting tool, it's a tenant's digital logbook for their home, providing secure storage for tenancy documents, easy to find user-guides and property specific FAQs to assist self-help.

Advanced data architecture

The Evo platform is a simple and coherent end-to-end solution that connects tenants, trades, landlords and property managers to support the day to day management and maintenance of residential property portfolios.

Advanced architecture with sophisticated workflows connects properties to their associated block, community and all available amenities, ensuring that tenants can find information easily, and report issues on all relevant services quickly and efficiently.

Discover the benefits of using EVO today

Our experts are happy to provide a free demonstration of the apps and dashboard to highlight the benefits it could bring to you and your tenants.