Local Authorities

Provides complete visibility on your entire property portfolio and ensures that all reported issues are logged and dealt with including any follow-on works to make good.

Are you struggling to maintain your properties to the required standard and stay within budget?

Our technology gives your tenants the ability to raise issues and book repairs directly with your DLOs or accredited tradespeople, allowing them to schedule repairs at the most convenient time. This dramatically increases the first-time fix rate, tenant satisfaction and your team’s efficiency as well as reducing the cost to serve


Reduced cost to serve

Maximise utilisation of your property team, avoiding expensive repairs and costly property damage, reduce homelessness and associated costs

Ensure compliance across your housing stock

Industry data suggests that over 23% of properties at local authorities are missing required compliance checks. From gas safe certificates to fire alarm checks, the list of missed checks is lengthy and could be a real cause for concern. EVO's dashboard allows for all compliance checks to be scheduled with reminders so nothing is missed

Discover the benefits of using EVO today

Our experts are happy to provide a free demonstration of the apps and dashboard to highlight the benefits it could bring to you and your tenants.