Here you will find commonly asked questions and answers


Your Landlord or Managing Agent works with EVO to help with service in your home. You should have already been registered with us so that we can help.


If you haven't registered, you can do so quickly by providing us a few details here.


You can report any repairs that need carrying out in the app under Report a Problem 24 hours a day. Its really easy to do, you simply select the problem, add a brief description of the issue and add any photos to help us to get it fixed fast.

Make sure you have downloaded the latest version of our Residents Living App, however, you can also report problems to us via email/chat/phone - whatever works best for you.


You can call us on 020 8691 9293 or email us living@evo-pm.com

If you have an issue that requires urgent assistance you can report this through the app using the Emergency function. Events of this category are automatically assigned to the nearest accredited tradesman 24 hours a day.


You can also report this by phone by calling 020 8691 9293. If you are calling outside of normal operating hours, please hold on the line after hearing the offices are now closed message where you will be routed through to our out of hours home emergency support team. 

Dependent on the service you require, you may be prompted to enter a PIN number to proceed. The PIN number would have been provided to you by your Landlord or Property Manager, or shared with you by SMS from EVO.

An emergency is deemed as “a sudden state of danger requiring immediate attention”. This is further clarified as a danger to the property or occupants such as a burst pipe, flood, lack of facilities to the only available toilet or the inability to secure any exterior doors or windows which would compromise the security of the property.

The 24/7 Safe & Secure Response service provides attendance by a suitably qualified tradesperson if your home suffers from an unforeseen domestic emergency and includes the following: -

Breakage to or mechanical failure of the toilet pan or cistern resulting in the loss of functionality, providing there is no other toilet within the property. If toilets are blocked and backing up, causing or likely to cause a risk to health and safety, then this will be classed as a genuine emergency and instructed for immediate attention.

Leaks & Burst Pipes
Sudden damage, blockage, breakage or flooding of the drains or plumbing system likely to cause damage to the property and/or its contents in the absence of freezing weather conditions. If the leak is, or is at risk of causing damage, and you are unable to contain it then this will be classed as a genuine emergency. If you have a leak coming from an adjacent property, you should contact the residents in the first instance before calling.
Note: EVO are not authorised and are unable to force entry into any property.

Doors & Windows
Damage to, or failure of the home security including locks and windows. Temporary repair to secure the property in the event of failed locks, hinges and/or structure of the entry and exits. In cases of a break-in, this must be reported to the police as soon as reasonably possible and a Crime Reference Number (CAD) obtained.

Under normal circumstances a lack of heating or hot water is not considered an emergency, however in cases where any of the occupants are terminally ill, very elderly or infants then this may be considered.
Provides attendance for total failure or complete breakdown of the main heating system. If you have a pre-paid meter, ensure you have sufficent credit before continuing.
Note: Restrictions apply where the outside temperature is above 3ºc and will be responded to the next working day.


Only a complete lack of power throughout your property would be considered an emergency. Please check first that any power problem is isolated solely to your property, and that the whole area is not suffering from a power blackout. We also kindly request that you check your fuse board or consumer unit to see if any breakers have tripped. If you have a pre-paid meter, ensure you have sufficent credit before continuing.

Vermin infestation causing damage to the home and/or causing a risk to the health and safety of the occupants. This is only available during normal operating hours and is not a 24/7 response.

Please note that non-operational appliances outside of working hours and weekends are not considered an emergency and will not be attended outside of normal working hours.

EVO are not authorised and are unable to force entry into any property. If you are experiencing a home emergency that is not covered above that poses a risk to life or extensive damage to property and/or surround areas you should should call the emergency services on 999

Yes, you can select a preferred day and timeslot for a service visit or repair through the app under Appointments. Some jobs require approval first, but once accepted you will receive a notification asking you to select a day/time. You can also manage appointments with us via email/chat/phone - whatever works best for you.

There are two sections within the app that can help you find what you are looking for.

First is Documents where you will be able to find your tenancy agreement, deposit statements and any other related docs regarding your tenancy. In here you will also find any home-guides and user manuals for the appliances and services provided in your home.

The second part is FAQs where you will find a list of answers to the usual questions like "How do I shut off the water?" and "Who is my Block Manager?".

This information is may be limited to what has been provided to EVO by your Landlord or Property Manager.

Yes, all our Service Professionals are fully qualified for the area of expertise required to carry out the repair or service. For example, all our gas and heating engineers are GasSafe and our Electricians are part of NICEIC.

Yes, once you have chosen a convenient appointment for the job you will be assigned to a local, accredited Service Professional and you will be notified through the app. You will be provided with all their details and contact information. As part of the service you will also receive notifications when they are on their way to you, right to your door.

Our mobile apps and platform utilise some of the most advances technology for Internet security available today. When you access our site using a supported web browser, Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology protects your information using both server authentication and data encryption. On any of our sites you will see a small lock icon in the address bar of your browser display, indicating that a secure connection has been established to our servers.