Housing Associations

Manage large and complex property portfolios using EVO's simple and convenient apps and advanced dashboard.

Managing large and diverse property portfolios is made easy with EVO's SaaS platform or fully managed solution

Easily scalable with sophisticated roles, responsibilities and user permissions, large complex portfolios can be managed with a reduced cost to serve and increased tenant and staff satisfaction


Ensure compliance across your housing stock

Industry data suggests that over 23% of properties within Housing Associations are missing required compliance checks. From gas safe certificates to fire alarm checks, the list of missed checks is lengthy and could be a real cause for concern.

EVO's dashboard allows for all compliance checks to be scheduled with reminders so nothing is missed

Build Trust

Is your housing association struggling to build trust with tenants?

Is your property team weighed down with the never-ending task of tracking and resolving maintenance and repair issues?

EVO's end to end seamless digital process ensures that issue are reliably reported, dealt with and resolved first time.

Discover the benefits of Evo today

Our experts are happy to provide a free demonstration of the apps and dashboard to highlight the benefits it could bring to you and your tenants.