Who We Work With

Evo is more than just repairs, it’s knowing how homes and communities work. We’re partnered with a number of best-in-class digital solutions to drive resident engagement, and provide helpful, useful information right where they need it.


Struggling to manage key handovers? We’ve only gone and solved this issue as well! If we’re allowed, we’ll install a Police Approved Keybox at the property, or you can take advantage of our super smart integration with KeyNest (or do both). We simple attach a small tracking fob to your keyring and now you can drop them off at a local convenience store for anyone to collect.

Billing Better

Billing Better set up and organise all household bills into one simple monthly payment with free access to public WiFi as soon as you've signed up. Know where you stand each month by paying a single monthly amount to cover all your household expenses. Watch as your bills are seamlessly paid each and every month on time.


The Current Account for Landlords. All your property finances in one place. No more browsing through multiple bank statements, no more collating expenses from different accounts: Hammock helps you keep on top of all your property finances, all in one place.


We enable social landlords to hit challenging financial and environmental targets with real time, remote data analytics. A personalised platform identifies condensation, damp or mould risk and flags fuel poverty. We transform resident engagement and appointment scheduling via a two way in-house communication display. With a Switchee Smart Thermostat installed, residents optimise energy use, lower heating bills by 17% and reduce energy consumption – future proofing homes and driving towards Net Zero.


Spec Verified® is the source of truth for residential property measurement

- Guaranteed measurements to 99% of true size
- Backed by £10M insurance (insured for accuracy)
- Protect all parties, sellers, buyers and agents
- RICS and Land Registry compliant

We measure internal spaces of properties with unequivocal accuracy. No differences of opinion. No room for doubt. Just a clear set of calculated, precise facts everyone can trust. That’s Spec Verified®.


60% less emails and phone calls. Reduce your inbound contact centre traffic by up to 60%. Customer facing intelligent bots that can execute complex processes as well as answer simple FAQs have a huge impact on the contact centre, and free up thousands of hours so your teams can focus on less repetitive, more rewarding work. Our bots do the ordinary so your teams can do the extraordinary.

Sonic - by Hero Labs

Sonic is a super-smart way to protect a whole home from damaging water leaks – a leading cause of property damage worldwide. Sonic detects leaks anywhere in a home, warns you via the handy companion app, and even shuts off the water supply to stop the problem fast.