Why We Do It

The property rental sector is at an all time low in terms of tenant morale, even though the majority of housing providers have made it a real priority to improve the quality of rental accommodation and have invested heavily in trying to improve tenant satisfaction and engagement. So what is going wrong?

There is clearly lots of desire and endeavour to improve things but unfortunately if you keep trying to solve the same problem with the same solution you have to expect the same outcome.

Traditional property repairs and maintenance processes involve disconnected processes within a complicated and opaque workflow, mainly driven by emails and phone calls, which creates a painful and time-consuming experience for tenants, landlords and the tradespeople doing their very best to resolve the issues.

We believe there is a better way, and our mission is to digitally transform the repairs and maintenance space into a simple, convenient and transparent process with meaningful and regular communication to all parties about the status and progress of jobs.

We firmly believe that the majority of tenants and landlords want to do their best to work in harmony to allow both quiet enjoyment of the property and a reasonable ROI on the investment made. We feel that the main blocker is effective communication, with traditional models providing either very little or no effective and meaningful communication at all.

At EVO we are passionate about rebalancing these relationships and dealing with the cause of the issue rather than trying to deal with the symptoms by throwing more people, resources or money at the problem.

Discover the benefits of using EVO today

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