EVO Joins SEC DPS for Responsive Repairs, Voids and Planned Maintenance Services

EVO has joined the SEC Dynamic Purchasing System for Responsive Repairs, Voids and Planned Maintenance Works and Services, providing access to their 49 members and 446,000 properties

Published 01 December 2022

Author EVO

South East Consortium (SEC) is a central purchasing body. A not for profit organisation providing services relating to public procurement.

Specifically created to support the housing sector. But, any public sector organisation can benefit from the SEC's range of services and offer.

SEC was established in 2005 and retains its heritage by being a Membership organisation owned by 49 Housing Associations and Local Authorities. SEC Members own 466k homes between them – this gives us immense buying power.

EVO are pleased to be able to join the SEC framework and the doors to market that this will open.


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